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With great capability often comes great challenges. Linux – a love-hate relationship but definitely more to love.

Software: Visual learners need not apply

While some may argue there is no such thing, I disagree. And being disagreeable, I’ll get right into this. I think visually. When I deal in information and processes, I want diagrams. Pictures. Something that lets my primate brain think … Continue reading

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Linux Mint 15 happened

One of the things I did while not playing Eve was finally get around to installing Linux Mint-Cinnamon.  The Plan to upgrade was at least one major Mint release ago. But when you are game-addicted, Plans don’t happen, except in-game. … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Unity, I’ve had enough

I had over time upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 then 12.04 and with it to the the Unity desktop. Unity cause me increasing grief, though I was not always sure it was the cause. It also makes some things really inconvenient. … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04

Today, I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.10 with the irritating Unity desktop to 12.04 with the significantly less irritating Unity desktop. If they keep going, it could become actually pleasant to use. Sadly, at work I have a machine with 11.04 … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 11.04 – Another reason to love linux

A while ago, a nag came up on my Ubuntu updates that said I should upgrade to 11.04. I had read a few negatives about it, but also was intrigued by a few positives in Unity.  So I pressed the … Continue reading

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Just when Gnome gets me

And now there is Gnome 3 which I will try one of these days. I saw a review on The Register [here]  so went to the Gnome site for a look. And it does look pretty good. Plenty of changes … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10 replaces opensuse 11.3

I’ve now had a few days on the new system and am quite pleased with it. With an opensuse box sitting next to an Ubuntu box, it’s easy now to see why Ubuntu rose in popularity so quickly. Sure the … Continue reading

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