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Eve Online Learning Experience

As usual, months went by with me intending to post something about Eve Online.  I did post something in an eve forum a one point. But I just can’t to stop playing long enough to go back. Housework suffers. Or … Continue reading

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Software: Visual learners need not apply

While some may argue there is no such thing, I disagree. And being disagreeable, I’ll get right into this. I think visually. When I deal in information and processes, I want diagrams. Pictures. Something that lets my primate brain think … Continue reading

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Linux Mint 15 happened

One of the things I did while not playing Eve was finally get around to installing Linux Mint-Cinnamon.  The Plan to upgrade was at least one major Mint release ago. But when you are game-addicted, Plans don’t happen, except in-game. … Continue reading

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Played a century

Eve Online so took me, this is the first time I’ve taken a real break from it (real = more than 1 day by choice or was out of town with no usable computer/network). Some people think I am easily … Continue reading

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Game of the Century

I discovered Eve Online and I am hooked. Of all the games I’ve played, its games where you build, develop and create things, or places, or worlds that drew me in. Sure, a first person shooter can be a blast. … Continue reading

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Ubuntu Unity, I’ve had enough

I had over time upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 then 12.04 and with it to the the Unity desktop. Unity cause me increasing grief, though I was not always sure it was the cause. It also makes some things really inconvenient. … Continue reading

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Will that be QR Code or Facebook?

Assumptions. We all have them. But for some, they are like a plague. And these in particular make me wonder where all the intelligent life is. See big ads in newspaper (also magazines). Even a high $$$ full page ad … Continue reading

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