Scumop the blog – a place where I can brain dump stuff that might be interesting. With about 30 years experience as a software developer, its possible. Not that I’ll be dumping code snippets (usually). More likely observations as a human being on critters, humanism, politics, economic issues, incompetence, and media greed beyond mere avarice. Sometimes it’ll judgemental and nasty. It’ll be fun. And there will be linux stuff too.

And any time I can slap woo-woo, I’ll go for it. From 419 to Avogadro’s number, there is no end to the BS being flogged. It needs a whipping.

Scumop the man – obviously over 30. My background is primarily embedded, but I came to realize that staying in embedded was career death and have spent the last few years switching to web development. I have found it to be very low paying. But on the plus side, I love learning and have found plenty of opportunities in that regard. If you are still planning a career, go into the trades, medicine, business, anything but software development. Soon to be a blog series.

There is more to me than stringing lines of code together. In summary:

Cat owned by, currently with three furry masters. Love these guys (two girls and a guy). All shelter cats of course. Given some of cat-human history, I am saddened. Cats have slowly taught me the correct relationship: the cat is in charge of the cat, and you will be happy to support it in its cat endeavors.

Dog owner. My mates dog sure, but he’s all over me for snacks and playtime. No cat ever had so much fun chasing the little red light as this dog.

Atheist and Humanist. Atheist = no god beliefs. Humanist = We make the best of this world and do our best for each other, including other living things. Science rules. Its our main way of reliably understanding the universe and everything in it. It is good to be alive, to be blown away by the awesomeness of the universe, of a single cell, of rainbows and ripples on ponds, of being self-aware.

Fishkeeper – with 5 tanks from 10 gallons to a built-in 180 gallon cichlid tank.  All the caretaking time is worth it just to watch them be fish. I have a put together a few things to make the maintenance easier and even save money. Having to do water changes / cleanings every week, and having to clean out and re-carbon the various filters regularly encourages inventiveness.

Mate of the sweetness and smartest woman I have ever had the pleasure of getting close to. And also a critter lover and atheist. Its been 7+ years with no end in sight.



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