Linux Mint 15 happened

One of the things I did while not playing Eve was finally get around to installing Linux Mint-Cinnamon.  The Plan to upgrade was at least one major Mint release ago. But when you are game-addicted, Plans don’t happen, except in-game.

The process:

  • Back up everything. Takes a long time (so many gig). Filezilla was very busy. Backup machine and main are on the same side of a small router. Donna was playing LOTR on her machine on the other side of the router. No complaint of slowness – all network utilization was on my side.
  • Download and make nice dvd of iso (almost a gig).
  • Install.  I had Ubuntu on the machine. Mint says no upgrade: wipe or die. So having made the backup, go for it. Took less time than the backup by far.
  • Realize I did not export and back up my hundreds of bookmarks. Oh well.
  • Post install – get all the updates. 220 of them, 191MB.
  • Test connectivity with Firefox. Works, with sound and video just happening.
  • Hey, Cinnamon has no games. Install Kpatience and and Konquest which are good for casual play. They pull in a large bucket of libraries from the the KDE zone (Cinnamon is Gnome based). All good. I can get some serious games later. Sudoku…
  • Do some minimal setup such as locking down the ip address so I can find the box from other machines. Could set up an internal DNS, but that seems like work.
  • Downloaded, and will soon install the MVPS Hosts file. A true treasure. Blocks the crap, protects every browser at once, not a plugin soaking up cpu, and never phones home.
  • Explore a bit. It has LibreOffice 4. Liking that. According to the Linux Mint site, the base is Ubuntu 13.04, so up to date enough for me. The Cinnamon desktop looks very similiar to earlier versions, but seems cleaner with better icons and first class rendering.

So why Cinnamon, why Mint?

I had Ubuntu. It had (spits) Unity. And a not great Gnome.  I installed a few other desktops onto it – Xubuntu, XFCE, Mate, and Cinnamon.  Of all these, I was most comfortable in Cinnamon. Second place goes to XFCE for simplicity.

Cinnamon is full featured yet not a serious resource hog (at least not like Unity or KDE). I can have my 8 browser windows open with 5 to 60 tabs each, another browser, a virtual machine running, webserver, and a crapload of other stuff open without stressing anything. Not bad for a mere 2.4ghz quad core and 4g ram.

I also have an Ubuntu laptop at work. Installed the Cinnamon desktop (among others on an earlier laptop). It was on an earlier version and had some stability issues. Maybe it was a Cinnamon issue, or maybe it was a Cinnamon-Ubuntu mismatch. But the work must go on so I opted for stability and fell back to Gnome Classic. Stable and pleasant, but its not Cinnamon. And the laptop still goes into total brainlock sometimes – just not as often.

But I was hooked, and the people who are deepest into the Cinnamon world are the Linux Mint people. They were my best chance of getting a nice stable system with the Cinnamon desktop. Its looking really good. Because of the Ubuntu background, it has all the good parts of Ubuntu too, like Synaptic.

Now all I need to do is copy back all those files.  Hopefully before my “week without Eve” experience expires.

Maybe I should get a buddy account and install Eve Online under wine. Two independent machines, endless opportunities.

Nooooooooooo, one is addictive enough.


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