Will that be QR Code or Facebook?

Assumptions. We all have them. But for some, they are like a plague. And these in particular make me wonder where all the intelligent life is.

See big ads in newspaper (also magazines). Even a high $$$ full page ad for a product or service that could or is used by most people.

“Scan this QR code to go to our website” it declares in a 40 point font next to a giant QR code graphic. No website address. No social networking link.

Repeat for a different ad for a product/service/organization with just as wide an appeal. On this one, the 40pt font is “Find us on Facebook!” next to big facebook link. No QR code, no website address.

A smart little ad writer would include:

  • Facebook address if they have one. G+ too, and maybe Twitter.
  • Website address if they have one.
  • QR Code if they want ease of use for smartphone owners who have a reader.

To include only a single one of those tells me the ad writer is beyond hope. But perhaps it was written by the owner or exec in charge and the ad writer had no choice. Stupidity can be found anywhere, even on the top floor.

Clues (for anyone who actually created such an ad):

  • Not everybody has a smart phone, and not all of those that do have a QR reader and know how to use it.
  • Not everybody is on Facebook. A lot of people have no interest, and people are leaving FB every day. Where’s you “Find us on Google+” link?
  • People will type in a web address if they find the topic interesting enough. If the ad is in an online version too, that link can be clicked.
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