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Ubuntu Unity, I’ve had enough

I had over time upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 then 12.04 and with it to the the Unity desktop. Unity cause me increasing grief, though I was not always sure it was the cause. It also makes some things really inconvenient. … Continue reading

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Will that be QR Code or Facebook?

Assumptions. We all have them. But for some, they are like a plague. And these in particular make me wonder where all the intelligent life is. See big ads in newspaper (also magazines). Even a high $$$ full page ad … Continue reading

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Antique PHP

I maintain a website for a non-prophet organization on a free (as in free speech and in free beer) host. But it is a royal pain. Every page is hand crafted html (not by me, but the previous guy). I … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04

Today, I upgraded from Ubuntu 11.10 with the irritating Unity desktop to 12.04 with the significantly less irritating Unity desktop. If they keep going, it could become actually pleasant to use. Sadly, at work I have a machine with 11.04 … Continue reading

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