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The curse of entitlement to power

You are a comedian. Some audience members heckle you. You use your comedic super powers to try and shut them down so the show can go on. The hecklers continue to abuse and even assault you. Then they go to … Continue reading

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Stalin, Mubarek, Ghaddafi, Elizabeth May

Now its almost election time, it is a good time to recall that last summer when other party members were nipping at her heels, Lizzy fought to have the Green Party constitution changed so she would not have to face … Continue reading

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Nobody beats our prices

I almost spit when I saw this ad for highspeed cell service (wpg sun page 2 on 2011-Apr-13).  It is a coarse metered bandwidth plan in 1g steps up to 5g after which the real action starts. All rates look … Continue reading

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Just when Gnome gets me

And now there is Gnome 3 which I will try one of these days. I saw a review on The Register [here]  so went to the Gnome site for a look. And it does look pretty good. Plenty of changes … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 10.10 replaces opensuse 11.3

I’ve now had a few days on the new system and am quite pleased with it. With an opensuse box sitting next to an Ubuntu box, it’s easy now to see why Ubuntu rose in popularity so quickly. Sure the … Continue reading

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